We live in a world filled with awkward moments and misunderstandings. At the time they’re usually mortifying, but after the fact they can be some of the best and funniest stories we’ve ever told.  Because we at thatsjustawkward.com revel in the most embarrassing and “cringe worthy” situations, we decided to make a home for the “awkward.” Not only will we be presenting actual moments from our own lives and experiences, but we also want you, our awkward audience, to participate by sharing your own stories.  You may even find one of your awkward moments in a future film.  Viewer discretion is advised...




Adam Korson aka “The Canadian”, currently resides is Los Angeles and has had many awkward moments and misunderstandings throughout his life.  There was the time he broke up with a girl and found out he was lactose intolerant.  Or the time he was playing basketball and pooed his pants.  Or right now, realizing that a lot of his awkward moments have to do with pooing.  However, Adam in fact isn’t one-dimensional.  His moments have involved saying inappropriate things without realizing it, making inappropriate sounds at the wrong time and an awkward first kiss.  He got choked by her tongue.  It was awkward.  Adam is also happy to say that he is no longer lactose intolerant.  Awkard…


Gena Shaw aka “Jersey G”. First off, my name is pronounced J-e-n-n-a not Gina.
Correcting people in the pronunciation of my name has led to many awkward moments in my life.For example, my gynecologist still calls me Gina.  Wearing a paper top and no underwear is awkward enough, so I chose not to correct him... I have been his patient for 9 years. Every year when I scoot down that exam table, I am confronted with the decision of whether or not to set him right. Then comes the speculum and I think to myself, “ Next year, Gena. Next year. ”At age 10, I was kicked out of dance class for being too “awkward and having no rhythm.” And once I sat on a chocolate candy bar and everyone thought I crapped myself.  I have always been awkward and I own it.