Have you ever had an awkward moment or a misunderstanding?

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“I was at the counter at Anthropologie buying, I don’t know, something, when the girl behind the register says, ‘Oh my god! When are you due? You’re glowing.’ And I say, “No, apparently I’m just fat.’”

Dylann B in Los Angeles, CA


“I never pass gas in public.  It’s a thing I have.  Any way, I’ve been seeing this girl for about a month now and everything is going really well.  It’s a Sunday night and we’ve decided to stay in and watch Amazing Race, order food, all that. It’s a commercial break and she goes to the bathroom.  I take the opportunity to release some gas, figuring I was safe.  Not so safe.  It was the smelliest, you know, I ever let out.  So now, I’m scrambling to find something to clear the air, but there’s no time.  She’s coming back.  So I sit down and pretend everything was normal.  She sits beside me.  Sniffs a little, turns to be and says, ‘You have the stinkiest farts I’ve ever smelled.’  I was mortified.”

Brian F in Miami, FL


“I was talking with a few people, some I knew, some I didn’t, about how you can’t take anything for granted.  Simple conversation, until I pipe in with, ‘Anything can happen.  Like you could be walking down the street and a car can hop the curb and kill you.’ One person, I didn’t know so well, starts crying and runs away.  The person beside her says to me, ‘A car jumped the curb and killed her father.’  Gulp. How was I supposed to know?!”

Will M in Vancouver, BC


“I was with a guy.  We were only out a few times, but we were really liking each other.  I had to go to the bathroom really badly.  Number 2.  No bathrooms around.  I pulled down my pants and went in the bushes.  No exaggeration.”

Laura S, Chicago, IL